Bay Tek Entertainment
Bay Tek Entertainment was founded in 1977 and is a family-owned and operated business driven to provide fun and profit through ticket redemption games. Our employees share one vision of becoming the best in the world at developing and manufacturing games that will entertain for years to come.
Coex LLC
COEX is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality 3D printing materials and plastic coil binding in the industry. Our experienced machine operators, advanced extrusion equipment, and laser micrometers ensure the quality and consistency of our 3D printer filament. We can accommodate custom projects and work directly with customers on product development, as well as provide complete 3D printing and design for nearly any application.
At DBG, we design strategic programs that focus on branding and licensing to grow revenue and empower brands. We help companies with both in-bound licensing, to enhance their products, and out-bound licensing, to extend their brands into new markets and product categories. The compelling and strategic creative we offer brings brands to new, exciting dimensions.
GamerGreen is the world’s largest digital gaming platform, built for players of all ages. Gamers can download the app, play arcade redemption games at more than 9,000 locations across the U.S., earn digital G-Tickets and redeem them for great prizes that are shipped directly to their homes.
Founded in 2020, LifeStyle77 was brought to life to provide unique in-home games and lifestyle products inspired by its sister company Bay Tek Entertainment. Built on the notion of the simpler times when families gathered around kitchen tables to break bread, play cards, or even build a family business. A time when we laughed until we cried, we respectfully argued with one another, and we appreciated the simple joy of gathering. This lifestyle from decades ago still resonates today, but it has evolved to incorporate cutting-edge technology, innovative play, and memorable experiences.
Maverick Blinds
Maverick Blinds offers two unique lines of hard-sided blinds to help hunters enjoy and maximize their hunting experience by minimizing the blind maintenance. The Maverick style blind is circular; the Booner style blind comes in square, pentagon, and hexagon shapes. Both styles are easy to transport to your hunting spot and assemble. Maverick Blinds offers a selection of accessories and frame mounts to help you customize your blind.
MCL is a world-class partner to OEMs and product developers who need engineering, metal fabrication, and manufacturing support. Our capabilities range from technical drawing reviews to prototyping and full-scale production of operator consoles, vehicle cooling packages, custom electrical enclosures, ticket redemption games, and more.
Optima Associates leads organizations to excellence. Their team of continuous improvement and new product development professionals focus on lean thinking, high employee engagement, and dedicated leadership within manufacturing and service organizations. Optima offers professional peer groups, consulting, and education.


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To attract and win opportunities so significant that they materially impact the lives of our people, our community and our charitable efforts while living our Christian-based values.  These opportunitites are so powerful that we couldn't even dream of achieving them acting separately.

To work with people we love and care about.

To create opportunities for the people we love and care about.

To make a difference in the lives of our customers and suppliers.

To run successful businesses so we can give back to the communities we live in and work in.


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